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theCLEANZONE Lichtschalter Sicherheitszertifikat

Become one of theCLEANZONE installation partner.

Be part of this success story! Contribute as an independent partner to theCLEANZONE's joint success. The workflow is very simple:

1.Installation and Activation

As our partner, install theCLEANZONE on-site at the customer: you apply the film, apply the coating to the film and attach the safety certificate. Then document the installation with a photo using the QR code. This monitors and optimizes the hygiene process.

theCLEANZONE Sicherheitszertifikat

2. Monitoring and Evaluation

Check the current status based on the cleanliness factors and the data collected via the QR code. For upcoming maintenance, plan your future route to your customers. As our partner, you would have access to the software-supported process via an easy-to-use APP solution and an additional browser version.

3. Re-activation

You will renew theCLEANZONE system based on the reactivation cycle agreed beforehand with the customer. You will repeat the application of the antimicrobial coating and scan the QR code again. The reactivation is thus documented and visible to the customer. If necessary, replace the foil on the touch surface and replace the safety certificate.

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FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

Yes, otherwise theCLEANZONE coating dries.


3-5 minutes at room temperature. Can be dried with a hot air gun. This also improves the film's resistance to disinfectants and alcohol.


A hot air gun improves film formation in wet areas. Then rain has no influence.


After just a few minutes. Laboratory tests show 2-5 minutes. This depends on the surface contamination (e.g. grease). To keep this always optimal, we offer the reactivation interval with 5 calendar days, 10 or 15 working days.


No, only for a new installation or if it is full or dirty. Then a new security certificate must be attached. We assume that the security certificate must be replaced every 5 reactivation cycles.


Very close to the activated point, within a 30 cm radius. The customer can thus associate the security certificate from theCLEANZONE with the activated blue area. If this is not technically possible, the license requirements stipulate that this should be clearly visible within a maximum of 150 cm.


5 Calendar days

The reactivation cycle is 5 calendar days on heavily used touch surfaces. We recommend this reactivation frequency for more than 50 frequencies of contact with the surface per day and in 24/7 operation.

10 Calendar days

Highly frequented touch areas: companies, retail and petrol stations. The reactivation cycle on high-traffic touch surfaces is 10 working days. We recommend this reactivation frequency at 20 to 50 frequencies of contact with the surface per working day.

15 Calendar days

Low-traffic touch surfaces: companies and private areas. The reactivation cycle is 15 working days on low-traffic touch surfaces. We recommend this reactivation frequency at up to 20 frequencies of contact with the surface per working day.

With the start of theCLEANZONE app, the QR code will ensure that the equipped high-frequency touch surface is clearly identified. This activates the security certificate. theCLEANZONE coating container also has a unique QR code. This container must be activated before installation.


Ideally with theCLEANZONE applicator. This is a cleanable brush made of special cellular foam. With this, the correct amount can be secured. 1.5 to 2 grams should be applied to each door handle.


Yes, wear safety glasses as personal protective equipment (PPE). Note the H and P phrases on the packaging.


Yes, wear gloves as personal protective equipment (PPE). Note the H and P phrases on the packaging. Nitrile, latex or rubber gloves possible. Preferred color: blue.

For each door (2 handles, 2 safety certificates) we assume an assembly time of 3.8 minutes’ net. Practice and precision mean that this can be significantly undercut.


The liquid should be stored at room temperature, protected from frost and sunlight. Stir or shake the container gently before use. Avoid foaming. The product which settles out can thus be mixed again without any problems.


Yes, we are currently developing a semi-transparent theCLEANZONE film. theCLEANZONE coating is already completely transparent.


The active ingredient that theCLEANZONE uses comes from the textile sector. There it is checked for body tolerance and skin sensitization without any findings. The active ingredient on textiles is also Oeko-Tex compliant. In addition, all REACH regulations are complied with. Studies for theCLEANZONE coating are currently in progress. However, no different results can be expected compared to the textile sector.


Please see the investigation report on theCLEANZONE website. Additional very positive test results are available from the following laboratory:

Test report: LS20-00606 with a log reduction from 3.6 to 99.9754, which corresponds to a high significant antimicrobial effectiveness. The control sample has a log reduction of 1.9, which means no mode of action.

theCLEANZONE can only be activated and reactivated by trained and trained partner installers. If there are shifts of customers in your area, we ask you to solve this internally with your customer e.g. through a passage in your service contract. We will shortly provide a sample contract as an exemplary template. However, the use of this contract is not binding on you.

theCLEANZONE security certificates (10x15cm) are to be attached to the equipped and activated location. These are mandatory within a radius of 30cm. If this is not technically possible, e.g. due to the nature of the surface, the safety certificate must be attached within a maximum of 150cm in a clearly visible place.


theCLEANZONE security certificates are made of a special film that can be removed without residue within a period of two years. Nevertheless, the subsurface must also be observed. theCLEANZONE assumes no liability for assembly or disassembly.


The film is exchanged after 3-5 reactivations. If it is dirty or damaged, it will be replaced earlier.


No, advice from the experienced and trained partner installer ensures effectiveness. The number of frequencies of the touchpoints is recommended on theCLEANZONE website under Solution and documented in the security certificate and theCLEANZONE software.


Availability is not a problem. Our parent company currently produces approximately 250 tons of plastic formulations per year. Availability is guaranteed. theCLEANZONE software will be available as the first version at the end of week 18/20. The logging can thus already be carried out. Additional functionalities will be added as soon as possible.