theCLEANZONE ÖPNV Lack Folie Sicherheitszertifikat

What is theCLEANZONE?

theCLEANZONE is an ANTIVIRAL and ANTIMICROBIALLY effective surface coating. It protects high-frequency touch surfaces in a hygienically clean way. The product consists of a touch foil, which is applied to the contact surfaces. The special coating is applied to this film for activation and to protect the film during disinfection. A QR code on the safety certificate allows you to individually query the activation status and adjust the reactivation intervals.

theCLEANZONE coating

theCLEANZONE safety certificate

theCLEANZONE touch foil

The anti-microbial solution kills microbes, bacteria and germs within a few minutes. This means that high-frequency touch surfaces can be safely equipped.

The touch film is reactivated by applying the coating again. The theCLEANZONE team will automatically reactivate it. The antiviral and antimicrobial effect is given again. The film and the security certificate can be removed without leaving any residue. The security certificate with the date entered provides information about when the solution must be reactivated.

The reactivation cycle is determined in consultation with the customer during the initial installation. If required, the reactivation interval can easily be increased by the customer himself in theCLEANZONE portal.

Active module for occupational safety and health management

theCLEANZONE can significantly increase the safety at work in companies. Independent research shows that theCLEANZONE can fill an important gap in skin hygiene risk assessment in occupational safety and health management. Higher hygiene and thus occupational safety can be ensured.

How theCLEANZONE works

The function of theCLEANZONE technology has been examined by independent laboratories and confirmed by tests. The double mechanism of silver chloride ions and liposomes is used to penetrate non-polar double lipid membrane shells, for example viruses, and thus destroy them by silver derivatives. This patent-pending way of using liposomes as boosters makes it possible to deactivate viruses, bacteria and microbes.

NO nanomaterials are used.

In the following test report in the GLP studies 798-110, 798-111, 798-112, 798-114, 798-115 and 798-116 the effectiveness of theCLEANZONE was tested in comparison to control samples. theCLEANZONE surfaces are listed in the test report with 'Viroblock'.

Surfaces equipped with theCLEANZONE show a significantly higher reduction in microbial accumulation than comparable control samples.

Test report 1:

Prüfbericht 1

Note 1: Difference in log reduction of Δ=1 indicates 10x and Δ=2 indicates 100x

Test report 2:

theCLEANZONE Untersuchung Wirksamkeit 3

Note 1: Difference in log reduction of Δ=1 indicates 10x and Δ=2 indicates 100x

Test report 3:

Quelle:; Aerosol challenge test ASTM F2101; The test textile is mounted and sealed within a test chamber. A nebulizer delivers an aerosol of the target micorbe inoculum to the upstream side of the textile. A collection dish placed below the textile downstream collects aerosol droplets that pass through the textile sample. The reduction in infectivity with and without textile is calculated as an indicator of effectiveness.
Note 1: Difference in log reduction of Δ=1 indicates 10x and Δ=2 indicates 100x
Note 2: theCLEANZONE is a supplement to existing hygiene measures and does not replace them. Risks e.g. smear infections can be minimized by additional use of theCLEANZONE. It is recommended to use additional measures such as social distancing, hygiene and disinfection routines in addition to theCLEANZONE. theCLEANZONE surfaces are treated products. theCLEANZONE coating is a registered biocide product and is applied exclusively by our trained service partners. Use biocidal products with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

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Without theCLEANZONE

Without theCLEANZONE there is a high risk of infection on all surfaces. Millions of bacteria and microbes are at home, in the office and in public facilities.


theCLEANZONE reliably kills all flu and microbes within a few minutes of application.

Who we are and what drives us

"We are driven by the fact that people with new ideas are considered crazy until their ideas have prevailed," says Jens Meiser, founder of theCLEANZONE.

theCLEANZONE is a spin-off from Carl Meiser GmbH & Co KG. This medium-sized company is the nucleus for diverse innovations in chemistry and application. As entrepreneurs and teams, we are convinced that we can return an important impact to society. For this reason, we have driven the development of theCLEANZONE technology. We are proud to have created this unique technology and to apply it in many countries worldwide. We see our installation partners as important partners for the service of our customers.

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